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Agricultural business

We help agricultural business to introduce modern technologies for product quality control

Our solutions help agricultural enterprises to establish quality control of their products in accordance with local and international standards, to ensure the promotion of products to foreign markets. We work directly with world leaders in the production of analytical, control and measuring equipment and chemistry for laboratories for quality control of agricultural products, which allows us to provide our customers with the best solutions on favourable terms. 

Solutions for the branch
Analytical equipment
Molecular biology

We offer Complex solutions for the qualitative analysis of agricultural products in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian and international specialized legislation. Our equipment allows to conduct research for the presence of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, as well as to carry out all the necessary tests of dairy products before product launch. 

We equip laboratories with high-tech microscopes for quality control of agricultural products of both usual and research class. We supply equipment directly from leaders in the manufacture of optical systems, we provide a full scope of technical support. 

We provide solutions for veterinary medicine laboratories, veterinary and sanitary expertise institutes, large agricultural sectors. Our products help to carry out research by the PCR method, genomic and whole genome sequencing to determine animal diseases – ASF (African swine fever), Newcastle disease, as well as to determine the species and varieties of animals and plants.  

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