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Pharmaceuticals industry

We supply modern solutions for the development and production of new drugs

We understand the importance of timely and quality production of medical products, because the health of the entire nation largely depends on this. Providing complex solutions for pharmaceutical companies, we help our customers to accelerate the development of new drugs, obtain better quality of raw materials and automate production processes. 

Solutions for the branch
Analytical equipment
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Equipment for the collection of donated blood components

We provide companies of the pharmaceutical industry with complex solutions that allow the use of modern technologies and approaches to the production of new drugs. Our solutions allow customers to set up routine control quality in pharmaceutical production and speed up the process of developing new drugs. 

With deep expertise and experience in biotechnology, we provide our customers with solutions that improve efficiency of pharmaceutical production. We provide products and scientific and technical support at all stages of R&D, pilot developments in pharmaceutical production regarding scaling, production and storage of the target product, as well as pharmanalytics implemented with help of PCR analysis. 

We offer modern equipment that helps to establish the production of high-quality drugs based on components of human donated blood. Our solutions help create technologically complex drugs for treatment of blood diseases and cancer. We provide direct supplies from the world best manufacturers of equipment for blood plasma fractionation, inactivation, washing of erythrocytes and preparation of components for long-term storage. 

We equip laboratories with the best-in-class microscopes with innovative optical technologies, systems for biological research based on high-resolution microscopes, confocal microscopy, systems for automatic particle counting in liquid substances.

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