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We wish each customer to receive real benefits from investments and each solution implemented by us

About us

We help our customers every day in their important missions: introducing modern technologies in laboratories and medical institutions, diagnosing infectious diseases, creating safe blood bank, assessing the risk of hereditary diseases, overcoming the problem of infertility, protecting the environment, checking the safety of water and food, criminal tracking.

Since 2004, we have been providing laboratories with modern solutions in branches such as food industry, health care, ecology, energy, science, criminalistics, material science, pharmaceuticals industry and embryology.

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Our mission

Unlock the potential of innovative technologies for health and safety of the nation 

Our approach

We study needs of the customer in order to offer the best solution and technology.

We actively promote innovative techniques and modern equipment which help the customer to form new values. 

We provide the customer with maximum service support level: from consultations and equipment installation up to training and further maintenance.   

Bringing new ideas and creating new values for the customer are the principles of our approach to interaction with customers.

Out team

61 employees
22 product
7 business
and project managers
10 methodologists
and service engineers
6 researchers with
a scientific degree

ALT Ukraine is one of the key players in the market of solutions for laboratories of any specialization.  Each member of our team is a professional who is ready to maintain a high level of customer service, promptly provide qualified advice and closely interact with each customer.

Having started work in 2004 as a direction of the company Macrokhim, in 2008 we transferred into a separate independent business.  Name of the Company – ALT – contains the essence of business concept: to provide laboratories and health care system institutions with Advanced Laboratory Technologies. Today we focus on modern and high technology solutions for laboratories of various branch and help to apply the best world practices in their work.

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