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Transfusion medicine

Solutions for effective management of donated blood bank

The strategy for the transformation of the blood system involves ensuring timely access of patients to the components of donated blood. Our solutions help Blood Centers effectively manage donor blood bank at all stages of creation: from the preparation and processing of components to their storage in accordance with international standards. 

We study the best world experience and select equipment that allows Blood Centers to provide medical institutions with high-quality and safe blood components. 

Solutions for the branch
Equipment for the collection of donated blood
Solutions for hematology and transfusion medicine
Solutions for transplantology

We supply equipment for preparation and processing of donated blood components which has proven its effectiveness in the practice of Blood Centers all over the world. We offer modern solutions for immunohematologic studies, preparation of plasma for fractionation and forming bank of blood components for long-term storage.

Equipment for autologous blood transfusion and analysis of the blood coagulation system according to methods that are recognized as the “gold standard” in world medical practice. We supply systems for filtering blood components (hospital leukofilters, etc.), which are successfully used by experts all over the world.

Equipment and consumables that meet transplantology needs in high-quality blood components (washed, leukoreduced and pathogen inactivated), including automated blood banking. Equipment for phenotyping and donor-recipient matching. Full solution complex for forming cryobank of rare phenotype erythrocytes, thrombocytes, plasma, stem cells, and lymphocytes. Equipment for apheresis treatment before and after transplantation.

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