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We help to introduce the best techniques and equipment into medical practice

The health care system is actively developing and transforming. Providing medical institutions and laboratories with modern equipment and reagents, we help our customers to implement the best methods of diagnosing and treating patients. 

Are solutions are verified by the experience of practitioners from around the world and meet the requirements of national and international standards. 

Solutions for the branch
Medical equipment
Analytical equipment
Molecular and Cellular Biology

Our experience and knowledge allow us to select the most modern specialized solutions for medical institutions of various forms of ownership. We offer equipment that helps to solve the problems of early diagnosis of cancer related diseases, complex research and treatment of blood diseases, create strategic bank of safe donated blood for long-term storage. 

We offer solutions that help to carry out unique medical research, diagnostics of orphan diseases. We provide laboratories with equipment for standard clinical diagnostics and toxicology. Our solutions allow to screen newborns for orphan diseases effectively, to carry out endocrinological studies, determine the vitamin status and causes of poisoning. 

We are successfully introducing reliable and modern methods of PCR diagnostics of diseases into medicine, offering multiplex diagnostic test systems from manufacturers recognized by the world medical community. We supply complex solutions for pre-implantation, prenatal and postnatal diagnostics to the Ukrainian market. Our solutions help to improve the research of tumoral processes, improve the quality, reliability and speed of HLA diagnostics. We implement projects in pharmacogenomics in the medical industry and synthetic biology in pharmaceuticals industry. 

As an official partner of the world best manufacturers of optical systems and integrated solutions for clinical and scientific research, we provide our customers with the latest developments that can change the future of medicine. We carry out complex equipment of histological laboratories, automate immunohistological analysis, supply digital pathology systems. We provide best-in-class reproductive medicine equipment that allows clinics to apply the latest techniques in embryology and reproductive medicine. 

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