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Food industry

We offer solutions for quality control and food safety

National and international legislation imposes increased requirements for the quality and safety of food products. Our experience, expertise and many years of partnership with the world leading brands of equipment and reagents allow us to offer our customers the best of its kind complex solutions for quality control and food safety.  

Solutions for the branch
Molecular biology
Analytical equipment

We provide solutions for molecular biological analysis of food raw materials and finished food products for food pathogens, qualitative and quantitative detection of GMOs both in raw materials and in finished food products. 

We provide quality control laboratories and sanitary expertise institutions with high-tech analytical equipment which allows us to control the quality of food products at every stage of its production. Our solutions help manufacturers determine key food safety parameters in accordance with national and international standards: analyse for toxins, pesticides and other substances.  

We offer microscopic equipment made by the world best manufacturers of optical systems for usual laboratory research of food products. We carry out installation and start-up work, methodological and technical support for users, train how to work with equipment, provide guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of systems. 

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