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We offer the best-in-class solutions for applied and scientific researches

This scientific branch has its own characteristics because the volume of information research are doubled every few years. Thanks to implementation of state-of-the-art technologies we help our customers to accelerate and deepen scientific research, solve complex analytical problems, improve the quality of diagnostics in medicine and improve the performance of laboratories of various directions.

Solutions for the branch
Molecular biology
Analytical equipment

We provide fundamental and applied science in biology with modern means of scientific research: from consumables for the implementation of modern methodological approaches to scientific support. A complete package of products for molecular biology, DNA research and DNA technology, protein/proteome research, lipidology. Solutions for cell culture. We also pay special attention to PCR analysis means for personal identification within forensic medical examination and criminalistics.

Our expertise in equipping research laboratories – from simple stirrerbars to NMR spectrometers – is much appreciated by hundreds of satisfied users from various branches. We cooperate with leading research centres by helping them to select the best high-tech equipment in compliance with their tasks.

Cooperating with leading manufacturers of optical systems, we offer our customers modern complex solutions for research in any branch of science. Our equipment helps to obtain highly accurate visualization of the objects under study, to measure and document the results obtained. We offer microscopes for usual and research category. Optical microscopes, stereomicroscopes, biological research systems based on high-resolution microscopes, confocal microscopy.

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