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We offer technological solutions for forensic medical research

We specialize in modern solutions for forensic medical laboratories which help specialists to carry out high-quality expertise using the latest techniques. We offer advanced developments and professional equipment made by the manufacturers specializing in solutions for ballistic, trace examination, as well as technical examination of documents.

Solutions for the branch
Equipment for toxicological examination
Ballistics examination and identification
Genetic analysis

Our solutions have been recognized by experts all over the world and have become a strong foundation for the development of specialized laboratories. We supply equipment that helps forensic experts to carry out high-quality chemical and toxicological examination of most of the currently known narcotic agents. Namely, gas chromatographs and mass spectrometric toxicological analysers both for primary screening and for in-depth analysis of toxic substances which makes it possible to identify even the lowest concentrations in biological samples. 

We supply the latest developments of the world best manufacturers of equipment for ballistic and trace examination. Our solutions help to recreate three-dimensional images of complex surfaces of research objects, take deep-focus pictures, build profilograms, study both large research objects and small particles of fibres, hair and paint. 

We offer best-in-class solutions for ballistic identification, bullets and cases scanning, tracing, search image in database and ballistic examinations. Our solutions allow us to carry out trace examinations, dactyloscopy and documentation expertise, to recreate three-dimensional images of the surface and to visualize fingerprints.  

Our solutions help forensic experts to execute molecular genetic studies related to personality identification and testing paternity with help of STR analysis. We supply kits for sample preparation and DNA extraction from a wide range of samples, including bone material made by the world best manufacturers. We ensure office of forensic expertise with equipment for carrying out criminalistic analyses: genetic DNA analysers, systems for PCR and quantitative PCR, stations for automatic sample preparation. We also offer software for processing the received data, their subsequent compliance with international requirements.

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