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Material science

We help to apply the best practices in studying the material properties

This branch studies structure of materials which is closely connected with materials’ properties. We offer the latest developments from leading global brands that help industrial laboratories and research institutes to study materials’ properties with help of modern practices and the experience of specialists from around the world. 

Solutions for the branch
Analytical equipment

Whether you’re working with plastics, metals, ceramics, fine powders or ore rocks, we support producers and researchers in their studies. Our experience in element, chemical and compositional analysis is a key factor in success of the control technologies implementation: from routine control quality to control various materials in highly scientific research.

We offer a wide range of microscopes, including metallographic and stereoscopic, as well as microscopy cameras, which allow you to achieve maximum results in laboratory research and material quality control. We supply profile instruments: from a set of sample holders to specialized software for material science. 

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