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We offer modern technologies that help the industry develop

All over the world, bone marrow/hematopoietic stem cells and solid organ transplantation are the standard of care for many diseases. We understand the importance of developing transplantation as a high-tech and highly organized medical industry. By providing our clients with the newest developments and technologies in transplantation, as well as methodological support and training for laboratory support specialists, we help support the development of the industry and accelerate the introduction of transplant technologies into general medical practice.

Industry solutions
Molecular genetic HLA typing
Screening and monitoring of HLA-bound and unbound donor-specific antibodies
Monitoring immunosuppressive drugs
Pathogen inactivation
Cryopreservation of erythrocytes
Automatic donor procedures
Automatic therapy procedures

Modern solutions based on molecular DNA methodologies provide typing of the low, medium, high resolution, allowing to determine HLA antigens in the donor and potential recipient, to determine their genetic specificity and the compatibility of the donor-recipient pair by the genetic profile. Equipment and specialized reagents for HLA typing in related and unrelated bone marrow/hematopoietic stem cell and solid organ transplantation.

Initial examination of patients awaiting bone marrow or solid organ transplantation necessarily includes a screening of preexisting donor-specific antibodies and a lymphocytotoxic test (cross-test with donor’s lymphocytes, cross-match technique). A full range of solutions for screening and cross-match testing – specialized reagent, inverted microscopy, flow cytometry, multiplex testing based on xMap Luminex technology of the world leader in this field One Lambda Inc. The above solutions make it possible to predict the immune compatibility of the recipient with a potential donor, predict the development of an early rejection reaction after transplantation, and ensure the viability of the graft. And also to provide post-transplant monitoring of the presence and growth of immune rejection of the organ.

Solutions for controlling a narrow therapeutic range of immunosuppressants by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry detection to minimize the risks of graft loss and organ rejection. LC-MS/MS systems that provide high specificity and sensitivity of the assay and allow you to control several drugs simultaneously.

Gel technology for the determination of antigens and antibodies of erythrocytes, automatic analyzers that will allow phenotyping of donors and recipients, individual selection of up to 10 antigens of blood and its components. Technologies for reducing the immunohematological burden on patients, reducing the risk of hemolysis during transplantation.

Advanced technologies for inactivation of pathogens in blood cells – both bacteria and viruses, which effectively block the replication, transcription, and restoration of DNA and RNA of pathogens. The technologies are recommended for use by the European Association of Transfusiologists.

Systems for automatic processing of erythrocytes (freezing, thawing, and washing) that allow the collection of safe blood components according to international standards and protocols. Solutions for creating a blood bank of rare phenotypes.

Equipment for preparing blood components and peripheral hematopoietic stem cells from the bloodstream for their further transplantation according to the EDQM standards.

Equipment for therapeutic plasmapheresis, plasma exchange, and other therapeutic procedures following European transplant protocols.

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