Materials Science

Diversity of materials properties is a key factor predetermining their wide use in technics. Materials possess different properties and each property depends on the peculiarities of the material internal structure. In this regard the materials science branch concerns itself with studying of the material structure in close relation to their properties whereof we can point out the main: physical, mechanic, technological, electronic, thermal, chemical, magnetic, optical and operational properties. The main lines are: Chemical analysis Anything you handle with – plastic, metal, ceramics, fine powders or ore rocks, ALT Ukraine Ltd. will support the manufacturers of the cement as well as the research assistants researching thin films. Our ultimate, chemical and compositional analysis experience is the key factor of the success in the introduction of the various materials control technologies: from routine quality control to highly scientific researches of various materials. Microscopy and histology: Being an official representative of a Leica Microsystems in Ukraine we represent a wide range of microscopes, including direct, inverted and stereoscopic microscopes as well as microscopy cameras that allow achieving a maximum result in laboratory studies and materials quality control of. In addition we are ready to offer a wide variety of specialized accessories from a kit of sample holders to the specialized software for materials science from Leica Microsystems. Information systems: We offer successful decisions on automation of industrial laboratories using the modified software of MSLAB base that allows processing, keeping and transferring all the data obtained at the stage of research in a qualitative manner.