Health care

With concern of public health Our company has successfully consolidated its positions in health care industry owing to successful introductions of the latest techniques and equipment in the majority of clinics and laboratories. Our specialists help to resolve the problems of fitting-out of laboratories with modern and hi-tech devices according to requirements of national and international standards, meeting all requirements of our clients. The main industry lines are: Chemical analysis: offers solutions for improvement of life quality using modern technologies to the drug development and production as well as for unique studies in health care. Our solutions provide the opportunity for acceleration of the studies in medicine, carrying out diagnosis of rare diseases, adjustment of routine quality control of pharmaceutical production together with development of new medical products. Medicine: offers the advanced integrated specialized solutions for medical institutions of different form of ownership. We offer the integrated solutions and equipment of the leading world manufacturers that allow the Ukrainian doctors to use the most advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment of the patients in their practice. Molecular biology: mastery of the genetic studies data analysis methods that promptly change the future of health care providing it with precise and acceptable by price diagnosis, medical prognosis, realization of target methods of treatment and the control of prescriptions and solutions. Our line successfully introduces reliable and advanced methods of PCR-diagnostics of diseases on exclusive base of Seegene multiplex diagnostic test systems of South Korean manufacturer in modern medicine, the integrated solutions for preimplantation, prenatal and postnatal diagnostics from Abbott Molecular and Thermo Fisher Scientific, provides full range of goods for tumor processes studies and products intended for improvement of quality, reliability and speed of HLA-diagnostics. At the same time we implement projects on pharmacogenomics in medical industry and synthetic biology in pharmaceutics. Information systems: offers the products that provide the integrated informational support and automation of medical institutions. Automation involves all sections of activity of a medical institution: treatment process, document flow, patient register management, storage of medical and administrative information on medical process, accounting and management of medical products warehouse and medical goods, medical resources management.