The ecology researches are important not only for a science as such, but also for humanity normal existence and functioning. Many questions directly related to this branch, which includes concepts “ecological” (refers to the science) and “environmental” (refers to the environment) are raised recently. Applying the latest technologies of the world famous brands our company is able to equip the laboratories for environmental analysis and monitoring. The main lines are: Chemical analysis: In the present era of industrialization the society faces the global ecological challenges that are discussed in each corner of our planet. We are on the threshold of a point of no return of global ecological changes. ALT Ukraine Ltd. together with all world leaders of instrument-making industry applies efforts for environment protection. While co-operating with many industrial and scientific institutes we offer modern advanced solutions for determination and control of the level of air, water and soils pollutions. Microscopy and histopathology: Leica Microsystems is a manufacturing company on the basis of the scientific and technological community. Its main objective is the innovative development through an individual approach to the user. Ecology as one of the most important subjects for humanity, calls for special attention and constant material investments. Directing the resources on studying of the problems and complexities of the area, the company has developed its own concept completely displayed in the integrated scientific solutions on the basis of microscopy.