Molecular and Cellular Biology

The department of Molecular and Cellular biology gives a full range of innovative biotechnological solutions with as much as possible effective, qualitative and timely accomplishment of objectives. Professional training of specialists of department allows developing of solutions for laboratories organization, installation, providing equipment service support, carrying out personnel training and further maintenance of different directions of research:

  • Molecular and genetic(a complete range of goods and scientific and consulting support for realization of biological sample preparation, amplifications and sequencing of nucleic acids: reagents for separation and cleaning of nucleic acids, PCR, reverse transcription, real-time PCR, sequencing, fragment analysis, synthesis of nucleotides, PCR-cloning, synthesis of genes, analysis of microRNA etc. Also the department attributes human identification within forensic expert laboratories to especially important directions).
  • Рroteomics (assortment of goods for proteins analysis – both in science and production).
  • Сellular (provision of product and technical support in work with cell and tissue culture, analysis of cell culture (including stem cells) and tissues within the cytogenetic research: medium, serum, reagents and equipment for separation and analysis of cells, chromosomes and flow cytometry).
  • Сlinical diagnostics (a separate strand of work in the field of oncology, medical genetics and reproductive technologies: HLA typing, molecular cytogenetic, cellular therapy, detection of pathogens and infectious diseases)
  • Вiotechnology (the specialists of the department provide products, scientific and technical support for all the stages of R&D and pilot developments in pharmaceutical production in matters of scaling, best practice and storage of the target product, as well as pharmaceutical analytics realized by PCR-analysis. Besides, the topical questions are molecular and biological analysis of food raw material and ready food products for the presence of food pathogens, the qualitative/quantitative analysis of GMOas well as molecular diagnostics of animal diseases).

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