Microscopy and histopathology

ALT Ukraine Ltd. is the official partner of the world’s leader in production of optical systems and integrated solutions for histopathological laboratories – Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems. It allows us to provide our clients with the newest developments from the recognized European manufacturers.

We develop individual target solutions for specific targets of the client, taking into account specificity of laboratories of each separate branch based on the products of Leica Microsystems.

The department of microscopy and histopathology offers a complete list of solutions for the study management of any level of complexity.

The certified technical and service specialists of department perform precommissioning, methodical and service user support, carry out equipment use training, provide guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of systems in full compliance with the standards and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Product groups: Leіca Bіosystems

Leica Biosystems (Germany) offers a wide range of consumables for histological analysis. Materials are certified for in vitro diagnostics and use in state clinical institutions. High quality of reagents provides reliability and repeatability of the obtained results in diagnostics. A Leica Biosystems (Germany), the world’s famous and recognized manufacturer of high quality equipment, offers a wide variety of tools for histological analysis. An individual approach to fitting out as well as full methodical and service support will take the work of your laboratory to a fundamentally new level.
014 Tools for autopsy and dissection 
016 Cassettes and base molds
17 Blades and oil for microtomes
018 Mounting Media & Section Adhesive
020 Paraffin
021 Fixatives, decalcifiers, dehydratants
leica-1mm-surgipath-x-tra-clipped-corner-micro-slides-3800052cl-yellow-1-2-gross-a3135360bd674a918ffef256ea24a9be Slides and cover glasses
024 Systems of archiving/transport/storage of samples
025 Histological dyes


Printers for cassettes and slides
3.png Сryostats


Histological processors


Filling station


Coverslipping stations


Immunohistochemical staining centers



Digital slide scanners and system of images analysis