Thermo Fisher Scientific company

The world leader in serving science – under this slogan, Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the world leaders in the market providing science with advanced technologies for many years. We help our Life Science clients to accelerate and deepen their scientific research, solve complex analytical problems, improve medical diagnostics, and increase the productivity of different laboratories. Due to corporate premier brands alike as Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Thermo Scientific, and others, and a combination of ‘laboratory’ and ‘services’ concepts, the company offers an unrivaled symbiosis of innovative technologies, purchasing products usability, and comprehensive customer support.

ALT-Ukraine has been a partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific for many years, ever since Life Technologies wasn’t part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The ALT-Ukraine’s molecular & cellular biology department is the official Ukraine representative of all premier brands within the framework of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

So, in particular, the corporation’s leading brand was and is Applied Biosystems, which equipment, tools, and reagents have been trusted by the world's leading scientists for 20 years. Researchers who demand efficiency, accuracy, and the gold standard of DNA technologies use Applied Biosystems’ integrated sequencing systems, full range of flow cytometry technology solutions based on acoustic focusing, as well as integrated real-time PCR, digital & end-point PCR technologies, from sample preparation to comprehensive analysis of the obtained data, under the Applied Biosystems brand.