Seegene company

Seegene is the current world's leading developer of multiplex technologies for clinical molecular diagnostics. The company's development plans include the production of several innovative multiplex diagnostic systems for PCR. The major technologies allowing Seegene to take a leading position among similar products’ manufacturers are the following revolutionary products. DPO™. Special component technology of the primer design (PCR component), which is responsible for the entire method of high specificity. Thanks to this technology, the stage of annealing primers on the DNA matrix goes into two stages. It significantly reduces the primer non-specific binding in unnecessary sections of the DNA matrix, prevents the formation of hairpins and dimers of the primers as themselves, and effectively eliminates the problem of primer complementing with DNA sites containing multiple repeats.

TOCE™. The technology of a special component & dissimilar to TaqMan technology design of fluorescent probes (PCR component), which is responsible for the high sensitivity of the entire method. Exactly thanks to this technology the multiplexity criterion is fundamentally implemented, which expands the recording hardware systems functionality (channel) from 2-3 to 15! None of the existing instrument-reagent solutions in the world can detect more than six targets in one sample at a time. By analyzing the amplified DNA melting point from a sample using the CCMTA TOCE™ protocol, the technology allows us to obtain semi-quantitative PCR result data for 15 targets.

MuDT™. Contemporary technology for analyzing real-time PCR results, which opens a new chapter in molecular diagnostics. Combined with previous technologies, it physically removes the ‘one target – one channel’ obstacle. Now, when performing real-time PCR (using the example of the CFX96 system) in one detection channel, it’s possible to detect several targets based on an individual Ct indicator.

The PCR test systems of the Anyplex, Anyplex II, and Allplex lines manufactured by Seegene, with their high reliability and productivity, allow detecting multiple targets in a single sample, which eventually provides a new economic basis for diagnostic research reducing time, labor, and final cost.

Seegene's mission is to support global leadership in the molecular diagnostics area using innovative and patented technologies. The development of multiplex diagnostic PCR test systems for detecting infectious agents and cancer markers and identifying clinically significant targets in medical genetics and pharmacogenomics remains a priority.