One Lambda

In early 2016, ALT-Ukraine signed an official distribution agreement with the American OneLambda Inc company, one of the world leaders in the field of HLA typing.

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Paul Terasaki, who was the co-founder of the transplant scientific and medical research, the company has always been at the forefront of medical diagnostics and was the first in the world to offer complete solutions for donors/recipients HLA & histocompatibility determining in transplant medicine for diagnostic and clinical laboratories. One Lambda continues to grow and improve in this highly specialized field to meet the ever-increasing need for high-quality and highly accurate HLA typing data to improve patient outcomes around the world. Now in Ukraine also.

In 2012, one Lambda became part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation, which allowed the company to gain access to the most innovative scientific and technological achievements in the field of molecular and cellular biology, maintaining its independence and leading position in the field of histocompatibility analysis and HLA diagnostics. In its turn, ALT-Ukraine, being the official long-term Ukrainian representative of Thermo Fisher Scientific, get an extraordinary opportunity to provide its customers with comprehensive HLA typing solutions based on Thermo Fisher Scientific / One Lambda equipment and reagents without involving third-party organizations but bearing complete responsibility for the equipment operation, methodology setting up, staff training, and service & scientific clinical laboratory users support also.

And now along with its One Lambda partner, it has full authority to say: we help clinicians to outline the patient's profile at all stages of the transplant process better.