Markes International Company

Markes International was established in 1997 and today is a world leader in the field of development and production of analytical thermal desorber and it’s expendables for the volatile semi-volatile compounds determination.

What is thermal desorption? Analytical thermodesorption is a method of introducing a sample into a gas chromatograph (GC) or chromatomas (GC-MS), which provides an injection of the analyte using a heated inert gas rather than an organic solvent (this eliminates the appearance of a wide and often prolonged solvent peak), which improves the quality of analysis and facilitates data processing.

Since 1980, thermal desorption has become a universal technology for introducing a sample into GC, combining a selective increase of the concentration of the necessary substances with efficient sample transfer to the system. To date, thermal desorption is accepted as the best method for air research. It’s included in several standardized methods: EN ISO 16017, EN 14662 (Parts 1 & 4), prEN 13649, ASTM D6196, US EPA to-17, and NIOSH 2549. This technology is popular in the research of:

  • food products;
  • perfumery;
  • chemical fumes of products and materials;
  • biological research (analysis of human respiration);
  • in the defense and forensic industries.
  • All of the above are indisputable advantages of the Unity, Ultra, Air Server, and TD-100 thermal desorber from Markes International. These devices perfectly realize a wide range of unique features, in particular:

    • performing several quantitative ‘single tube’ without significant sample loss (re-collection quantitative mode);
    • automatic input of up to 100 samples to GC;
    • selection of various sorbents for the selectivity and moisture resistance regulation of analytical tubes.

    Markes international's Unity, Ultra, Air Server and TD-100 thermal desorber are compatible with most of the gas chromatographs of world-famous brands. They are convenient to use, have simple and intuitive software, and don’t require complex and expensive maintenance also.