EMCIlab information system is designed for automation of carrying out of expert examinations in laboratories of criminal expertise centers and forming of a unitary database of DNA-profiles.

MCLAB information system
This system allows:
  • to establish a coincidence over the base of records of DNA-profiles;
  • to increase the efficiency of carrying out of expert examinations and identification procedure;
  • to reduce expert examinations costs;
  • to reduce expenses for the formation of the data for accounting, materials accounting and accounting of work hours use by the personnel;
  • to save time for preparation of reporting materials.

The system performs the following main functions:

  • registration of request for expert examination;
  • registration of objects of research;
  • study management;
  • formation of findings of experts;
  • approval of results of expert examination.

Pursuant to the information on DNA-profiles that are stored in the base of system and search request, the system offer an opportunity to the expert to set the search criteria by paternity and kinship as well as to sample according to different coefficients of coincidence probability, to compare samples and to make exceptions by signs of mutations and other assumptions. All manipulations, to which the materials have been undergone, are fixed in the system and then archived. There is an opportunity to review all the stages of carrying out of a particular research as well as changes that have been made, as necessary.