EMCImed Information System


EMCImed is a modern integrated medical information system (MIS), addressing the maximum optimization and automation of activity processes of medical and preventive treatment facilities of different kinds and forms of ownership.

Main objectives
  • Planning and optimization of medical process for improvement of quality of the provided services
  • Information support and support of medical and diagnostic processes
  • Efficient management of MPTF resources
  • Information support of work of the medical personnel
  • Immediate forming of accounting information on carrying out of medical process
  • Reduction in expenses for maintaining of general and administrative accounting and accounting of financial nature
  • Interaction with other systems of document flow
EMC&MED medical information system is designed for integrated automation of medical and preventive treatment facilities of different profiles and scales and has a wide functionality:
Subproblems that our system solves:
  • Analysis of organization’s activity
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) of a patient
  • Organization of patient service
  • Personnel management
  • Inpatients service
  • Outpatients service
  • Ambulance call service
  • Laboratory studies
  • Drug inventory
  • Alimentary therapy
  • Medical statistics
  • Medical services