The modern branch specified by the broadest mechanization and automation of production and transport processes, the use of artificial cold and vacuum technology, the newest physical methods (ultrasound, high-frequency heating etc.), chemical and biological medical products for acceleration of technological processes, a huge variety of production of new products (for example children's and dietary food) as well as products for veterinary medicine. All this shows a wide range of the branch offers. The production quality control is also important at all stages of its creation. We offer a number of solutions and high-precision equipment allowing solving almost all possible tasks typical for this branch. The main line is: Chemical analysis: the quality and safety of food have no compromises. Due to the constant growth of the population in the world and expansion of the global markets and import and export relations between food manufacturers, the food quality and safety requirements get stringent only. ALT Ukraine Ltd. offers a variety of solutions for the analysis of food according to the world standards. Heavy metals, toxins, veterinary preparations, pesticides and many other things – here is far from the complete list of the tasks being solved.