The power industry

The power industry is engaged in reception, transfer, transformation and rational use of energy and energy resources (through transformation of primary, natural energy in secondary energy, for example in electric or thermal energy) that in many respects enables determination of the economic situation, status of industry and agricultural production, transport of any state. The main lines are: Chemical analysis: The ever-increasing demand for energy generation stimulates the development and introduction of alternative sources. The use of solar power, biofuel, fuel cells, wind and tidal power as well as an effective use of fossil sources (natural gas, shale gas, oil and coal) requires introduction of energy-saving technologies that are very often linked to the analytical control. ALT Ukraine Ltd. offers the use of the recent trends of technologies for chemical and spectral analysis and scientific research in power area. Information technologies: We offer successful decisions on automation of industrial enterprises for energy resources generation using the modified software of MSLAB base that allows our clients controlling, keeping and transferring all the data obtained at any stage of research.