Chemical analysis

The department of chemical analysis and analytical equipment of JSC ALT Ukraine of Ltd. provides the laboratories of Ukraine with the advanced solutions in the area of scientific research, quality and safety control, chemical and spectroscopic analysis.

We offer the equipment of the world’s leaders of instrument making (Horiba Scientific, Oxford Instruments, etc.), the service and technical support that complies with the world’s standards, provision with the consumables and materials for sample preparation, methodical support and user training.

Our experience acquired during the implementation of various projects gives a confidence in the provided solutions in key markets.

The quality and safety control of the food, environmental studies, health care service and pharmaceutics, power generation control , scientific research and criminalistics – this is far from the complete list of areas where we can be useful.

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Product groups:

spectroscopy Molecular spectroscopy 950_960 Particle size analysis
EMGA Ultimate analysis 720х380_ NMR analyzers
FREESTYLE Sample preparation automation gershtel Input and automation systems
peak_ Gas generators TLC-Quicktest Set Thin-layer chromatography
Пламенныe фотометры производства BWB Technologies Flame photometers Autosorb iQ и NOVA Characteristics of foam materials
Siebtechnik_ Grinding and crushing